Making Scented Candle Tips

Scented Candle Making – Fast and Easy

Fragrances can enhance the atmosphere and set the tone in any room. So what better way to accomplish this than by making scented candles?

Here are some scented candle making tips that should help.

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Fragrance oils for making scented candles are available either at local craft stores or by going onto the Internet to have them shipped directly to your home. You might also want to include a few candle making books in your order.

It is preferable to use oil instead of water-based fragrances as we all know water and oil do not mix.  Also avoid using an alcohol-based perfume in the wax as well.

What’s so fantastic about creating perfumed candles is that even without being lit the fragrance gives off a scent that everyone notices as soon as they walk into the room.

And homemade scented candles are superb gifts for all occasions and are appreciated by every generation. You can also think about gel candle making as an excellent source of gifts.

The procedure for making scented candles begins just as if you were creating a regular non-scented one.  As there are a multitude of waxes available, take your time and deliberate carefully as this plays an important part in creating your candle. Learning how to make soy candles is a good place to start. Soy wax has a pleasant aroma and it is inexpensive. By comparison, making beeswax candles is more expensive

Types of Wax for Making Scented Candles

You might like to go “Natural” using waxes in the likes of:

  • Soy
  • Palm
  • Beeswax

You may also choose from paraffin wax (used more often then others) or gel wax.  Either one of these selections are excellent for making scented candles. Just remember to keep in mind that the higher the gel density, the better it holds the fragrance. Gel candle making recipes will often provide guidance on gel density.

Steps for Making Scented Candles

Before making scented candles, prepare the mold by placing the wick in the proper position. Once that is done, you may proceed to make your perfumed candle:

  1. Set up a double boiler
  2. Place the wax in the boiler to melt
  3. Check wax often with a thermometer, as temperature should be between a 170 and 180 degree range.
  4. Once the wax has completely melted add your chosen fragrance oil
    (a)Remember – the formula is 1 oz. of fragrance oil to 1 lb. of wax.This gives your scented candle a 6 percent concentration.
  5. Pour wax into your mold

On a side note: be cautious not to over do it on your fragrance as this will cause the candle to burn incorrectly and to produce puddles of liquid wax.

Creating a scented candle is not always a success the first time around. If you find the aroma is not to your liking, don’t give up. Continue to experiment.  By keeping accurate records you will eventually have a journal of candle fragrances that people will envy.

For more info & ideas on how to make scented candles
check out my sister Sarah’s ebook collection
Secrets to Successful Candle Making