How to Make Wax Candles

How to Make Your Own Wax Candles

Knowing how to make a candle was once an essential talent, as candles and the moon were the only source of light after dark. The ability to make your own candles is no longer a critical survival skill, but it has developed into a popular hobby for numerous reasons. Books on candle making instructions are in fairly high demand.

Today, wax candles are made for home use and gift giving, as well as for craft projects with children. And for a few enterprising artisans, what started as how to make candles at home has become a business for profit.

Learning how to make wax candles is relatively easy and definitely gives one a rewarding feeling.   Local craft stores have all the items needed to create your own one-of-a-kind candle.  Wax, wicks, as well as molds…it’s all there.  You can also add touches of color, decorations and even fragrances in your homemade candles. Learning how to make soy candles is one of the easiest places to start.

Steps for Making Wax Candles

  • First thing is to prepare wax by melting it in a the double boiler
  • When wax is completely melted, hold wick in middle of mold and carefully pour in wax
  • Allow wax to cool (about 4 to 6 hours)
  • Remove from mold

Cooling Tips for Wax Candles

  • Sometimes putting a mold into the freezer for no more than half an hour is effective in removing candles from molds with very little difficulty.
  • Using any type of non stick cooking spray on the mold is definitely advantageous as well. Once sprayed you then pour your wax into it. You will then be able to easily remove the candle when it cools to room temperature.

The list goes on forever for the types of candles that can be made at home. With assorted fragrances, a plethora of colors and multiple choices of decorations your limit is only how good your imagination is!

How to Create a Latex Mold

Some enthusiasts develop their own molds with liquid latex. However latex molds are too flexible when pouring wax into them. You will have to cut a cardboard hole big enough for mold to pass through but just to the lip. The wax can be pored into the mold as the cardboard supports it. That’s just one of the tricks you’ll pick-up as you learn candle making…and there will be plenty more.

How to Make Wax Candles a Business

Some people have used their love and knowledge of how to make candles at home and have devised a way to create a lucrative business. Simply buy supplies in bulk and at discount prices. Make the effort to create eye-catching packaging for your candles. Don’t forget innovative advertising too!

Candles are an old traditional custom and will never be out dated so as long as you have an imagination the sky’s the limit!