How Can Agarwood Oil Be Used To Promote Our Skin Health?

The scent of the gods, or oudh, more commonly known as agarwood oil, is one of the best things that humans have managed to find throughout their existence. If we trace back the years to the times when humans first started using volatile oils, we can go back a few centuries! So many oils, agarwood included, have been in use for many purposes and seeing how effective it really is, it is not a wonder that its popularity has not yet subsided. The oil offers miraculous health benefits such as increasing the power of our digestive system and also urinary system; helping with hair problems we all have; pain reliefs and aches like arthritis and also for aromatherapy as well. Another one of the main uses of this oil is how people, mostly women, use it on their skin. It is not simply limited to the skin on one’s face but all parts of their body. Agarwood oil gives us more benefits that no chemically infused lotion is able to give us! Here are some ways to promote our skin health with this volatile oil;

As moisturizer
For a woman, for men as well, bad skin is not an uncommon thing as we all grow up, go through bodily changes our skin changes to adapt to certain situations. We might break out in bad acne cases and other skin conditions that can easily bring down our self-esteem and self-confidence by a lot. Not moisturizing is one reason for bad skin and with oudh oil blend moisturizing would never be better! It contains moisture that will stay locked in your face all day and will have no harsh effects either.

Anti – aging property
For so many individuals, aging is a huge problem. When people hit their late twenties and mid-thirties they start breaking out in wrinkles and other facial changes that are a tell-tale sign of aging and truth be told, no one would like to experience this at all. The regular use of best OUD oil is going to be very helpful is preventing your skin from aging and breaking out in aging signs like wrinkles. The oil contains anti – aging properties which help your face look younger and younger every day.

The Cleansers
Another product that many people might already be using is cleansers. Heavily mixed with harsh chemicals, cleansers do more bad to our face than good! However some agarwood oil mixed with a bit of lemon oil applied on your face is going to be better than any other cleanser you have tried!