Candles: Homemade for Business

Ideas for Starting a Homemade Candle Business

Put simply, the main challenges of the homemade candle business are as follows:

  • Make your candles
  • Sell your candles
  • Get paid for your candles

Learn the Candle Trade

The venues mentioned below typically offer instructional videos, courses and programs geared toward to starting up a business venture. Gel candle making and making scented candles can fit in to this plan quite nicely.

  • Local libraries
  • Colleges
  • Community centers
  • Neighborhood craft stores

Take advantage of what they have to offer. When you make your own candles every bit helps.

And don’t ignore the internet as it is undoubtedly the world’s #1 source of information on how to do just about anything you could imagine. Google is a treasure chest of information on making soy candles, making scented candles or any other of the candle making recipes.

Concentrate First Efforts Here

You need to come to grips fast with homemade candle basics such as:

  • Creating or copying unique designs that will sell in your market.
  • How to source molds and, preferably, how to make them yourself.
  • Where to find reasonable prices for materials like soy wax, beeswax, paraffin and cotton wicks.
  • How to select the most appropriate kinds of wicks.
  • How to enhance your candles with coloring, decorations, fragrances and special techniques.

No only will you need to know how to make a candle, but you’ll also need some basic business skills.

Attention that Pays

When it comes to producing a saleable product, it also pays to:

  • Be aware of who your buyers are
  • Be aware of what their needs consist of
  • Be original in everything you do
  • Be innovative with your packaging, using unique boxes, vibrant ribbons, and ornaments to adorn them
  • Be clever by topping off with appropriate gift cards and tags.

Keys to Success

The success of a beeswax or gel candle making business, as with any type of business, is dependent upon your willingness to take the extra steps and put forth a continuous effort to:

  • Staying alert to developments in the industry and rolling them out if appropriate to your market.  This applies particularly to product design.
  • Perfecting your production process, thereby avoiding waste and producing a consistent quality product.
  • Developing a core of regular customers that buy in volume and pay your invoices on time.
  • Establishing a policy for setting credit limits and sticking to those limits without exception.   Bad debts are the bane of most businesses, large or small.   You cannot afford to ignore your account receivables.  Appreciate the fact that new customers may not deserve credit terms and insist that they pay cash.
  • Being alert to new markets for your candle making recipes, but entering them cautiously when it comes to customizing products and offering credit terms.
  • Seeking your buyers suggestions as to what they like about what you do and, on the other hand, areas in which they would like to see improvement.

Inherent Advantages of the Business

Without question, the homemade candle business has the “4 P’s” working in its favor.

  • Popular for gifts
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Pleasant to the nose
  • Pleasurable to the sole

Be Alert But Cautious

However, you must create an efficient, well managed operation to capitalize on these inherent advantages.  Otherwise, consider your homemade candle making purely as a hobby and enjoy using your candles in the home and giving them away as presents.