The Busiest Ports In The World

People have used ports for many years. Some ports are natural while some are man-made. Ports are required for ships to dock and carry out business. Since historic times, ports were used for trade activity. Similarly, there are different types of ports such as inland port, fishing port, dry port and sea port are some of them. Even though all ports are for ships, there are different ports for different ships. A large cruise ship cannot dock in a fishing port and so on. Ports are generally very busy because there are many ships that come in and go out every day. Further, every ship has to be monitored. This is due to many reasons such as taxation, bringing of illegal things, security reasons and etc. Even during war, ports are important and strategic locations. If a port is attacked, it can entirely cripple all naval activity, therefore, it is detriment to keep it safe.

Unless a country is landlocked, it always has a few ports. Each port differs in size and activity. Some countries rely entirely on their ports for economic growth. This is because of the imports and exports. Even though things can be transported by air, large quantities and heavy things can only be transported by sea. This not only makes it cheaper, it also allows large quantities to be shipped at once. Here’s a list of the busiest ports in the world.

Port of Shanghai

The Port of Shanghai is the busiest port in the world. This is a record held by the Port of Shanghai since 2010 when it took the lead from the Port of Singapore. The port consists of a river port and a deep-sea port. It is a very important port for foreign trade for China. This is a historic port that saw considerable growth after economic reforms in 1991. There are plenty of great shipping containers for sale that ca be used by many companies in China and abroad.

Port of Singapore

The Port of Singapore is the second busiest port in the world. It was the busiest port in the world after it was overtaken by the Port of Shanghai. The Port of Singapore connects to over 600 other ports in around 123 countries. Shipping containers for sale in Australia and container, the Port of Singapore ships one fifth of the containers in the world.

Port of Shenzhen

The Port of Shenzhen is the third busiest port in the world and is the second port from China to reach the top three. It is also one of the fastest growing container port in the world. 39 shipping countries call the Port of Shenzhen their home port.